Model Community Participation Program Orchestrated for Infill Proposal Success

Background: A proposal to recycle a quarry and turn the area into nearly 5,000 homes, offices, and a retail center faced fierce opposition due to the proposed location in an already-congested area of a major city. Represented by a fervently anti-growth council member, the area had a history of anti-development community activism. Complicating matters was a competing developer who was funding a local PR firm’s attack on the proposal.

Action: Our goals was to get supporters organized and involved in the community planning group process as early as possible with the objective of winning endorsements. Through the use of direct mail, phone banks, online communication, small group meetings and a targeted website we were able to mobilze a substantial group in support of the project.

Result: Thanks to Davies efforts, supporters outnumbered opponents at the final city council hearing 4 to 1. Council members, (who voted “Yes” 7-1), commented that it was the best community outreach effort they had ever seen.

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