Mixed-Use Project with 1,000 Homes Targeted by Anti-Growth Initiative

Background: In one of the most stringent anti-growth counties in the country, opponents of a high-density residential project placed an anti-growth measure on the ballot with the specific purpose of blocking our client’s project.

Action: Our Focused ResearchTM showed that with a near-perfect campaign, the opposition measure could be narrowly defeated. We buckled down and identified more than 12,000 voters who were likely to vote “No” on the measure. Due to the volatility of the environment we launched a very aggressive campaign to discredit the measure, while keeping a constant stream of information flowing to targeted voters. However, just prior to Election Day, our polling showed that these voters would have to turn out in disproportionately large numbers for the measure to be defeated.

Result: A national award-winning get-out-the-vote effort turned the result in our client’s favor, and the measure was narrowly defeated.

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