Fierce Power Plant Opposition Changed to Support

Background: An electric generation company faced growing local opposition to its aging plants and concerns over methods of coal ash disposal.  Before Davies was retained, the energy producer had relied on two big national PR firms to build public support. Despite a couple of years of trying to organize support for the plant, not one citizen had ever written a letter, attended a public hearing, or spoken in favor of the coal-fired plant. One local reported was quoted saying: “Not a single person in this town supports that plant."

Action: Davies’ grassroots program shifted the agenda of debate from a public health and safety issue to one of reliable energy for the entire region. We organized more than 3,500 active supporters and secured over 516 personalized letters that were sent to the Governor and the State Board supporting a new operating permit. This was more than double the number of letters received from the highly organized opponents.

Result: By changing the story and humanizing the client, Davies turned the tide of opposition. The energy producer leveraged this organized show of widespread public support to get the city to support its permit and to win State Board approval.

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