Developer of Casino Faces Multi-Pronged Opposition from Competitors

Background: A bid to create a premier destination resort-casino in South-Central Kansas was opposed by three counter-proposals from politically connected competitors who had mobilized thousands of vocal opponents. Complicating the situation was a state legislator and his allies focused on killing our client's proposal.

Action: Through careful research, Davies created messages and collateral that resonated locally and positioned the proposal as the best choice, while motivating thousands of local residents to write and call decision makers. At the same time, we identified and motivated leaders who had relationships with decision makers around the state.

Result: In as short as two months, more than 6,500 residents throughout the state signed on to support the proposal, and Davies generated more than 950 unique letters of support to decision makers, organized three bus loads of residents to attend and speak at commission hearings, and mobilized 350 statewide thought leaders with connections to decision makers to make personal appeals. The Kansas Lottery Gaming Facilities Review Board approved the proposal over the three competitors.

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